The 333 Skis eco-friendly manufacturing plant in Southern California. Photo by Christian Pondella.


Michael Lish has taken green manufacturing to the extreme.

Located on 10 acres in the Mojave Desert near Mammoth, Michael works off the grid in a mobile trailer made of recycled materials and powered by solar, 300 amp hours of reserve energy and a 3000-watt inverter. The trailer’s side opens up to the inspirational backdrop of the desert and mountains, where he creates made-to-order skis starting at $350.

Michael is on the forefront of a growing movement toward open-source manufacturing. He worked for years building snowboards in the San Fernando Valley before moving to the desert. His custom-made skis can be ordered online to your specifications, complete with a custom design. Those who prefer to be part of the process can take a two-day workshop, where you will design and build your own skis from scratch under the direction of Michael and his business partner Kristin Broumas. Workshops, including a finished set of skis, run $900. Meals and an open campsite are included in the price, but be warned, the luxury of a bathroom and shower are not.

To learn more about 333 skis, click here

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