Last week’s unusual storm brought record March snow to the Sierras. The weather quickly turned and by Thursday the temperatures reached the mid 60’s. I spend the day at Squaw on Wednesday, where the snow had sadly already taken a turn for the worst. Although they had plenty of it, it was wet and sticky. Thursday I headed to Sugarbowl, and found the snow in better shape. The snow in the morning hours was still somewhat dry and pleasant; by midday the sun was taking it’s toll and softened up. The higher and steeper, the better the conditions.

If you’re heading up for the weekend, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. The temperature will cool with a possible dusting of snow on Saturday.

Weekend Forecast courtesy of Sugarbowl:
Cloudy with a chance of morning rain/snow mix or snow, becoming all snow
and more likely in the afternoon. Light accumulations by evening. Lows
in the 30s, rising to around 40, then falling back into the 30s in the
afternoon. Southwest winds to 15 mph, to 55 mph on the ridges with higher

Clearing conditions on Sunday. Lows in the 20s, highs in the 30s.
Easterly ridge winds to 50 mph with higher gusts, to 20 mph elsewhere with
higher gusts.

Weekend Travel Weather:
No weather problems on Friday or Saturday morning for a change. Some
slushy roads on Saturday evening, but not too bad. Sunday will have no
weather related problems.

Pleasant spring conditions Monday and Tuesday, cooler with snow chances
returning on Wednesday.

Spring skiing on Thursday at Sugarbowl. Temperatures were in the 60s.