Child Safety
Alpine Meadows will be the first U.S. ski resort to install the Magnestick – the newest technology in chair lift safely for kids. Two lifts, Subway and Meadow, have been equipped with the magnetic system that is activated when a child wearing a Magnestick vest boards the lift. The magnet holds the child safely in place until reaching the deboarding platform. The magnet is automatically deactivated for easy exit.
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Capture your mountain experience
Heavenly will offer EpicMix, a first-of-its-kind mobile and online application for the 2010/11 season. This new technology uses radio frequency (RF) scanners installed on the lifts and RF chips embedded in lift tickets and season passes. Guests can download the free EpicMix application to their smart phone or access online to track their vertical feet and days on the mountain. The mobile application allows guests to see if Facebook friends are on the slopes, provide weather and trail information and resort news. Users will be able to share their day with family and friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Utah’s Hot seat
The Canyons resort in Park City has installed the first heated chair lift in North America. The quad chair will heat to a comfy 55 degrees and features a bubble shield that drops over the passengers to keep you warm on the ride up. Let’s hope the trend catches on.